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SEG is proud to design & develop this web site for Murphy Animal Hospital.

Systems Engineering Group, Inc. is a full service computer networking service provider.  Providing everything a small to medium size business needs for their data. Hardware, Software, LAN, WAN, High Speed Internet, & Full Service. 

We provide a wide verity of computer based CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) equipment & Security Systems.

What can Systems Engineering Group, Inc. do for you and your business:
1.        SEGís computers are custom built for you.  We donít sell you hardware and software that you donít need.  Saving you time and money.
2.        All of SEGís equipment is backed by a one year parts and labor on site warranty. 
3.        SEG can build a network to fit your needs.  Everything from the basic peer-to-peer networks to the high-speed fiber optic LAN\WAN networks of tomorrow.
4.        SEGís technical staff is trained on all Microsoft operating systems and many other popular software titles.
5.        24 Hour Emergency Service
6.        Personalized Service.
7.        Full line of service.  Your computers are a very large investment to your business and must be extremely reliable.  SEG will perform standard maintenance on your equipment as needed. 
8.        SEG also offers a full line of CCTV, Partner Phone Systems & Security products and services.
9.    Value Added Reseller

SEG is currently a member of: 
The Networking Professionals Association
Microsoft OEM Provider
Intel Product Dealer
Western Digital Partnership Program
Seagate Disc & Tape Partner Program
Samsung Partner Program
APC Power Partner Provider Network
Linksys Partner Connection Program
ElectricEyes Video Serving And Remote Video Surveillance Platinum Dealer

Systems Engineering Group, Inc.

Tom Weinrich
Voice 314-974-0672